Jeremy Lamb’s jumper helps Hornets escape Pistons in wild win

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Hornets owner Michael Jordan says lightly smacking the back of second-year guard Malik Monk's head in the closing seconds of Wednesday night's win against the Pistons was a "tap of endearment".

As Lamb released the ball, Malik Monk ran off the Hornets' bench and onto the floor early to celebrate the made basket. That brought a technical foul for having too many players on the floor.

As you can imagine, Jordan - Hornets owner and, oh by the way, one of the greatest late-game performers of all-time - was not overly thrilled with the youngster and decided he deserved a smack upside the head.

Deep into the fourth quarter against the Pistons Jeremy Hunt put the Hornets up 108-106 with just 0.3 seconds left on the clock. No negative intent. Only love!'

Kemba Walker finished with a game-high 31 points and had nine assists and eight rebounds for the Hornets, who won their third straight and moved into sixth place in the Eastern Conference - a half-game ahead of Detroit.

Ultimately the basket was upheld and the Hornets escaped with the win after trailing by 10 late in the fourth quarter.

Lamb said, "I thought they were going to call like three techs, get three free throws - something like that".

Biyombo, for one, does not believe the famously intense Jordan was really mad at Monk.

"We were active", Borrego said.

Normally when basketball players make mistakes during a game, their punishment is to get benched, a fine, or maybe running a few extra sprints during practice. "We have not been in that situation where we made a shot like and I think there was excitement there".

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