LG's new soundbars feature Google Assistant and Dolby Atmos

LG Meridian Unite to Create Premium SL9 Series Soundbars

LG's new soundbars feature Google Assistant and Dolby Atmos

LG Electronics (LG) is set to delight home theater enthusiasts around the globe yet again with the introduction of its latest soundbar lineup at CES 2019.

Meridian's Upmix technology can up-mix two-channel audio to multiple channels without distortion, increasing sound immersion and upgrading audio clarity.

As well as featuring "smart functionality" thanks to Google Assistant, the three sound bars have a "sleek, modern design" according to the announcement from LG, but admittedly they do look the business.

With built-in Google Assistant, the new sound bars should double as a full-on Google smart speaker, allowing users to request songs or ask the weather with their voice. Drawing on 25 years of experience as the masters of Digital Signal Processing, Meridian's Bass & Space technology improves the soundstage and envelops listeners in rich, uncompromising sound and strong bass. The new smart speakers should boast impressive sound as they are equipped with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

As The Verge notes in a piece today, "this means you can control all three speakers using voice commands, asking Assistant to raise the volume, identify the song now playing, or cue up your favorite playlist".

It's perhaps no surprise the soundbars will come with smart assistant technology. With some of LG's premium soundbars supporting high-resolution audio via an advanced processing algorithm that can upscale conventional file formats, the output comes even closer to studio quality. The LG SL9 is slim at 57mm (2.25 in) deep and has an integrated gyroscope sensor to help you correctly position the sound bar on a wall or flat surface.

The company says the SL9 and SL10 are CES Innovation Awards recipients, while the SL9 won the Best of Innovation title.

Three new immersive audio sound bar models have been revealed.

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