Nationals To Sign Patrick Corbin

According to Dan Federico on Twitter, Patrick Corbin is rumored to now be deciding between the New York Yankees or the Washington Nationals. Entering the winter, MLBTR predicted that Corbin would land a deal of this magnitude (6/$129MM), grading him as the top arm on the market. If he goes to the Phillies, then, having already landed Jean Segura, it makes you wonder how aggressive they will be on Manny Machado and Bryce Harper. Two Tommy John surgeries and a heavy postseason workload have led some teams to "hesitate" pursuing Eovaldi, but he reportedly has at least nine teams interested, throws gas and can pitch in relief and as a starter.

Because the contract is for more than $50 million, Arizona will get a compensation draft pick after the first round and before Competitive Balance Round A because it is a revenue-sharing team.

The expected contract falls in line with the contract that MLB Trade Rumors proposed he might Corbin might receive this offseason in the Top 50 Free Agents list, which was a six-year, $129 million deal.

The Nationals, New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies were the three frontrunners during his free agency. He struck out 246 batters last season, which ranked fifth in the National League.

Per Andy Martino of SNY, the Nationals, Phillies, and Yankees are all vying for free agent starter Patrick Corbin, with rivals viewing the Phillies as being in a "strong position" to ultimately sign the two-time All-Star. Instead, they missed out on Corbin over a sixth year - a sixth year beyond the current Collective Bargaining Agreement - after spending the offseason saying they need rotation help. He was an All-Star with a 3.41 ERA in 208.1 innings in 2013.

The New York Yankees, among others, are awaiting a decision from free-agent left-handed pitcher Patrick Corbin.

Corbin went 14-13 with a 4.03 ERA and a 1.42 ERA in 2017.

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