Oregon hotel fires 2 employees who mistreated black guest

ABC News

ABC News

Staff at a DoubleTree Hotel in Portland, Oregan, reportedly called the police on a Black hotel guest for taking a phone call in the lobby last week. Massey posted video footage showing parts of the incident, in it Massey can be heard telling the guard that he is staying at the hotel, to which the man wearing a name badge that reads "Earl" replied "not anymore".

"The manager who actually called the cops, "Luis" actually asked me AFTER he called the cops, what happened?", Massy wrote in an Instagram caption.

The hotel on Saturday said it was firing Meyers and another employee, saying their actions were "inconsistent with our standards".

'We are seeking the counsel of community leaders, and will engage a third-party to conduct a full investigation into the incident - reviewing our internal processes, protocols and trainings to ensure we are creating and maintaining a safe space for everyone'. A day after apologizing and placing two employees accused of racial profiling on leave, the DoubleTree Hotel in Portland announced those employees have been fired. The Portland Doubletree is independently owned and operated, a Hilton spokeswoman said.

"We have a zero-tolerance stance on discrimination of any kind, and do not tolerate behavior of that nature", the hotel said then on Twitter.

It's the latest high-profile incident in which black people have been removed from businesses.

Massey asked the manager why he was calling the police.

Massey's lawyer, Greg Kafoury, told ABC News that Massey had checked into the hotel, gone out to dinner across the street and gone to a Travis Scott concert that evening.

He saw that he had missed a call from his mother and called her back from his cellphone in a secluded spot in the lobby.

Massey, a Black man, said the security guard, who was white and identified in the video as "Earl", told him he was loitering as he stood in the hotel lobby to take a call from his mother, who he said lives on the East Coast.

"Safety and security of our guests and associates is our top priority at the Doubletree by Hilton Portland", Paul Peralta, manager of that location, said in a statement to The Oregonian. "Can you leave me alone right now?'" Massey recalls in the Instagram videos. He said employees at the DoubleTree called the police after he took a call from his mother in the lobby on December 22.

Massey recounted that the officer who responded allowed him to retrieve personal items from his room before he was escorted out and forced to find another hotel to stay at after midnight. Massey points out that he is a guest at the hotel.

"Call them, I'm waiting", Mr Massey responded.

The second employee tells Massey to calm down and asks him what the problem is.

Massey writes, "I explained my side of the story and they didn't want to hear it". Meanwhile, Massey, who is seated on a couch, accuses the security guard of harassing him while he was on the phone. Thinking it was an emergency, Massey said he found a "remote area" of the hotel's lobby to answer the call.

Massey drove himself to a nearby Sheraton.

"As if somehow this guy was a threat to them", Kafoury said.

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