Patrick Frazee arrested over Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth's disappearance

Kelsey Berreth fiance

Patrick Frazee arrested over Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth's disappearance

The fiance of Kelsey Berreth, a 29-year-old mother who was last seen on Thanksgiving, has been arrested in Colorado.

Patrick Frazee, the fiancé of missing Woodland Park mom Kelsey Berreth, was taken into custody at his home in Teller County Friday morning, and authorities said they don't believe she is alive.

Police started looking for Berreth on December 2 after her mother, Cheryl, asked for a welfare check.

She was last seen at a grocery store near her home that's about two hours south of Denver and about 15 miles (24 kilometers) from Florissant, where Frazee lives. Frazee had told police that the couple met sometime that afternoon so he could pick up the child.

Ms Berreth and Mr Frazee did not live together, according to relatives, and Ms Berreth's daughter has been living Mr Frazee.

But now - a month after she went missing - Frazee, her fiance, has been accused in her death, authorities said. Asked by a reporter if additional arrests will be made, De Young said it's an "absolute possibility".

De Young declined to comment on whether others were involved, but charges of solicitation to commit murder are defined as "actual soliciting, or seeking to engage another to commit a crime", which could imply that someone else participated in the crime. Greg Couch says Patrick Frazee was arrested at his home in the community of Florissant, Colorado, Couch said he could not provide any information about charges.

The Woodland Park Police Department Thursday evening said on social media that new information about the case continues to come in.

Berreth's body had not been found as of 10 a.m. Friday, said Woodland Park Police Chief Miles De Young. He claimed that he received a text message from her on November 25, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, police said.

Police said they have surveillance video of Berreth, a flight instructor, shopping with her daughter that day at a Woodland Park supermarket.

Kelsey's daughter is in protective custody, police said.

Shortly after Berreth was reported missing, police conducted several searches of both her home and Frazee's 35-acre ranch in Florissant. "She's reliable, considerate and honest".

A multijurisdictional task force made up of numerous law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, served the warrant at Frazee's 35-acre ranch in Florissant.

Berreth's phone did end up in Idaho, De Young confirmed Friday, adding that police are still working to recover it.

The Woodland Park Police Department was expected to release mugshots.

Loew previously said his client provided police with DNA samples and access to his cellphone. That same day, Berreth's phone pinged from Gooding, Idaho, which is 700 miles away from her home, according to East Idaho News.

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