Redskins coach Gruden says team 'discussed' Kaepernick

Quarterback Colt Mc Coy of the Washington Redskins

Quarterback Colt Mc Coy of the Washington Redskins

Despite his lack of National Football League snaps, Johnson will have to be ready to take the field for the Redskins if Sanchez goes down with an injury, just as Sanchez did Monday night after Colt McCoy broke his fibula.

"There's not a lot of time to get a brand-new quarterback and a system installed and taught in a couple of days", Gruden told reporters Tuesday.

If the Redskins have any hopes of still reaching the playoffs, their best chance of being competitive over these last four games would come with signing Colin Kaepernick to be their starting quarterback. The Redskins are bringing in two free agent quarterbacks for a workout late Tuesday afternoon, and will compare them to the group that worked out after Alex Smith suffered a season-ending leg injury November 18 against the Texans.

With Redskins quarterbacks Alex Smith and Colt McCoy out for the rest of the season with a broken leg apiece, the team is looking for a new quarterback to sign. "He has been talked about and discussed for sure, but we will probably go in a different direction". "Not that Colin can't do some of the things that I'm talking about, but somebody with a little bit of familiarity".

"It's about evaluating the skill set", Gruden said. "That's why we went with Sanchez".

Gruden also said McCoy might return this season.

Way back in 2012, while playing for the New York Jets, Mark Sanchez infamously fumbled after barreling face-first into the rump of offensive lineman Brandon Moore.

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