'Shameful': Labour MP Causes Uproar by Brandishing Mace as Brexit Vote Delayed

'Shameful': Labour MP Causes Uproar by Brandishing Mace as Brexit Vote Delayed

'Shameful': Labour MP Causes Uproar by Brandishing Mace as Brexit Vote Delayed

Bercow then ordered Russell-Moyle to leave the House for the day, saying: "I'm grateful to a dedicated servant of the House for bringing forward the mace and restoring it to its place".

He appeared at first to want to stand his ground until the Speaker said: "He must leave or be escorted".

More than 30 MPs, 15 peers and five MEPs have signed a letter urging the Labour leaders to table a vote this week.

Meanwhile, leading political playwright James Graham has made it clear there are no plans for a new production about Russell-Moyle's heroic antics in the Commons chamber.

"Today is your opportunity to begin fulfilling that policy by joining the Westminster Parliamentary leaders of the Scottish National Party, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party in supporting a motion of no confidence in the Government".

"When will we get to vote?"

The Prime Minister set off for a whirlwind tour across Europe in a desperate bid to seek reassurances to push her deal through Parliament.

Under the convention, opposing whips agree deals to pair off MPs who are unable to make a vote. The only option is to heckle this shower of a government that can't negotiate their way outa a paper bag.

"If she can change her mind, why will she not just check whether the British people have changed their minds since they voted two years ago?"

Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey said: "We'll have to make an assessment at the time and we will be in discussions with other political parties across the House to assess what's the best thing to do".

"And if we had a second referendum with the same result, I also wonder whether the honourable lady would still be asking for a third referendum".

He was thrown out the House of Commons after he held the mace aloft and marched towards the Commons doors, where he was stopped by officials.

A spokesman suggested this would be when the prime minister returns to the House with the "same deal" at which point she will have "decisively and unquestionably lost the confidence of parliament".

"I'm sure Jeremy Corbyn would probably have preferred me not to have done it but I'm sure he understands why I've done it".

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