Supergiant's new game is a dungeon crawler called Hades

Supergiant's new game is a dungeon crawler called Hades

Supergiant's new game is a dungeon crawler called Hades

Hades is the next game by Supergiant Games, and it's now available in Early Access on the Epic Games Store.

According to the website, Epic Games will be giving users a new game about twice a month, starting with Subnautica (available on 12/14) and Super MeatBoy (available on 12/28).

After announcing its existence on 4 December, the Epic Games Store has now launched, during the 2018 Game Awards. While their "hand-curated set of games" only includes four you can actually buy right now, one of them is the surprise new game from the makers of Bastion and that's not a bad coup. Among them was one particular game that never saw the light of day on the PC, however that's about to change and that's because the PS3-exclusive game Journey is finally coming to the PC. Supergiant have said they plan to release Hades elsewhere after early access and Ashen does have a Steam page with a release date of "TBD", so they may not be forever exclusives. While Epic doesn't have almost the selection of games Steam does, it's doing some interesting things that are worth keeping an eye one.

There are some other games available now, as well, so make sure to check them out.

Company Epic Games, known primarily as the Creator of the game series Gears of War and Unreal Tournament, battle Royal Fortnite, as well as the popular game Engine, Unreal Engine, announced the work on your own digital distribution service Epic Games Store.

Yes, yes, Fortnite. Awesome, real-time in-game Fortnite event.

I'd consider the Store beta for now as it lacks many features that most gamers expect from a games store.

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