Taylor Swift (Possibly) Used Facial Recognition to Catch Stalkers at Concert

Fans who attended her concert at the Rose Bowl in California on May 18 had their photos taken with facial recognition technology.

Fans of the pop star were unknowingly monitored by facial-recognition technology at Swift's May performance at the stadium, according to a Rolling Stone report.

"Everybody who went by would stop and stare at it, and the software would start working", Mike Downing, chief security officer of Oak View Group, told the publication.

"Companies have a responsibility to respect human rights, and they need to make sure any monitoring that they do is really limited to what is strictly necessary to achieve a legitimate aim", St. Vincent said.

Swift has been the target of a disturbing number of stalkers.

Swift's representatives did not respond to a request for comment from Rolling Stone.

A second man, Julius Alexander Sandrock, was also arrested in April for trying to gain entry to her home.

TMZ reported that he got into the shower before getting into her bed for a nap before the police took him away.

Also in May, Mohammed Jaffar was sentenced to six months in jail and five years' probation having been convicted for burglary after he appeared at Swift's NY home five times in two months.

It's unknown if the system managed to match any concert-goers with those listed on the database, how long the data may be held for or if the singer is planning to use it at future concerts. Ticketmaster has invested in startup Blink Identity, which aims to move fans through entry points more efficiently and combat touting.

It's been claimed the singer has installed some super high-tech tech that is equipped to detect her known stalkers who might chance a concert of hers.

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