Thailand legalizes Medical Marijuana and Kratom

Thailand legalizes Medical Marijuana and Kratom

Thailand legalizes Medical Marijuana and Kratom

The National Legislative Assembly's 166 members voted in favour of the change and there were no votes objecting the motion.

In an apparent response to news of Thailand's impending medical marijuana vote, Singapore's government issued a stern warning earlier this year that it would duly punish any citizen or permanent resident found to have consumed marijuana overseas.

On Tuesday, Thailand legalised the use of marijuana for medical and research objective in the country.

Thailand's military-appointed National Legislative Assembly on Tuesday unanimously passed a resolution in an extra-parliamentary session to amend the Narcotics Act of 1979 to legalize marijuana for medicinal and research purposes, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, Malaysia might also be looking to adopt the move, with the government contemplating abolishing the death penalty for drug-related cases. Like many other legalized medical marijuana programs, purveyors, producers, and researchers will require specific licenses to handle pot-products; and consumers will require prescriptions. The country will take steps to make sure that medical marijuana is strictly controlled to ensure that it will only be used for medicinal purposes.

However, this law does not apply to recreational use of the drug.

However, recreational marijuana is still illegal in the country which is based in a region where most countries have stringent laws against the use of drugs. Marijuana traffickers caught in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia can face capital punishment. There were 13 members, however, who abstained from the vote.

Foreign firms are requesting patent and this is becoming a controversy in the country.

Cannabinoids include tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the psychoactive element of weed) and cannabidiol (CBD, which is used for pain relief and produces no high).

In October, Canada became the second largest country in the world to legalize the possession and consumption of recreational cannabis.

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