There is Still Time to Get a Flu Vaccine

Flu Shot

71 per cent fall in number of flu cases

The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department is joining with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to observe National Influenza Vaccination Week, December 2 - December 9, 2018. "The flu must be taken seriously and we encourage residents to take steps to protect themselves and their families". IN has recorded two flu-related deaths this season. "And while healthy people may not suffer serious illness from the flu, they can pass the virus to babies too young to be vaccinated, people who have chronic illnesses, and others who may develop serious health problems like pneumonia".

I realize that I've written about the flu and the importance of immunization already this year ... and last year ... and the year before that.

Flu shots for insured adults are now widely available through private physicians, pharmacies and retailers.

"The flu vaccine is the single best way to protect you and your loved ones against the flu", Commissioner of DPH Jeff Howard, M.D.

Flu Shot

No appointments are needed to get a flu shot during these events, and shots will be provided to anyone aged six months or older who wishes to receive one.

The flu vaccine not only can prevent someone from getting sick but can reduce the risk of influenza-associated hospitalization and death. It spreads when respiratory droplets are released when infected people cough or sneeze nearby. "By getting vaccinated you are protecting your family and those people you cross paths with every day". Because it is important to start antiviral medication quickly, high-risk patients should contact a health care professional at the first signs of influenza symptoms, which include sudden onset of fever, aches, chills, and tiredness.

Kaiser Permanente reported 10 percent of influenza samples tested positive last week for the flu.

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