Trump Will Pick Heather Nauert to Be UN Ambassador

Trump Will Pick Heather Nauert to Be UN Ambassador

Trump Will Pick Heather Nauert to Be UN Ambassador

As reports broke Thursday night that former Fox News personality Heather Nauert could be in line to assume the role of United Nations ambassador and be named by Trump as early as Friday, not everyone was pleased.

Haley unexpectedly announced her resignation in October and promised to serve in her role through the end of 2018.

A former news reporter for ABC, she joined Fox in 1996, originally as a correspondent and later as a co-host for Fox and Friends.

Fox News said Mr Trump would tweet about the appointment on Friday morning, while Bloomberg said it had been told of the decision to appoint Ms Nauert by three sources.

Nauert did not respond to requests for comment.

But Trump has also used the United Nations to try to advance his foreign policy agenda on Iran and North Korea.

Nonetheless, during her two-year stint, Haley became a darling of the Trump administration and the pro-Israel community for her vociferous defense of the Jewish state at the United Nations, a body often seen as hostile to Israel.

One of the reports came from Fox News, where Ms Nauert has previously worked as a presenter. Nauert would need to be confirmed by the Senate before taking up the role.

She has been the front runner for the United Nations post for some weeks and last month President Trump said she was under "under very serious consideration". Barred from traveling with Tillerson, she embarked on her own overseas trips, visiting Bangladesh and Myanmar previous year to see the plight of Rohingya Muslims, and then Israel after a planned stop in Syria was scrapped.

Ms Haley has served almost two years in the post. At the time, she described her time in the position as a "blessing", but offered no reason for leaving except a belief that government officials must know "when it's time to step aside".

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