Valve Brings Battle Royale to Newly Free-to-Play CS:GO

Valve Brings Battle Royale to Newly Free-to-Play CS:GO

Valve Brings Battle Royale to Newly Free-to-Play CS:GO

The next time existing owners of CS:GO login to play they will have their game files automatically updated via Steam to include the new Danger Zone mode. "When you have Prime Status you are matched with other players who also have Prime Status, and Prime users are eligible for Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases".

Solo matches will have 16 total players, while matches with duos and three-person squads will have up to 18 players. This battle royale mode revolves around a tablet that characters can use, seeing a visual representation of where the Danger Zone is closing in as the match progresses. CS:GO is free to download and play, and its new "Danger Zone" mode is no exception. The XP is earned by playing Danger Zone. The Prime status upgrade - matching you with other Prime players and providing extra cosmetic rewards - costs £11.99/€13.25/$14.99.

You can check out CS:GO's new BR mode here.

Audio is another touch-up that Valve and Counter-Strike will have to work on if they see Danger Zone as a long-term project.

Once the game starts, players will choose their drop in location and repel down from a helicopter to where they would like to begin battle. The item pool will be filled with current and classic Counter-Strike items, including weapons, cash, and even a little C4. Additionally, players will have access to a tablet that shows the map, upcoming deliveries, the positions of opponents, and where the "Danger Zone" is. How many hours do you think voids someone's claim to a refund?

And besides, CS:GO's been built like a free-to-play game for years.

Valve has released an update to address issues found after the release of the new Danger Zone update.

After 19 years of being a paid to play game, Counter-Strike has officially become free to play.

In addition, the game is now completely free to play, following the previous September announcement of a separate Free Edition.

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