5G Samsung Galaxy S10

Justin Jaffe  CNET

Justin Jaffe CNET

The phone was first shown to a wider audience back in November at Samsung's Developer Conference (SDC) though it was put in a case that covered its design.

In 2019, Samsung Smart TVs offer more ways to search for content and more compatibility with connected devices than ever before.

The Galaxy S10 launch event will be held at 7pm GMT on 20 February 2019.

In addition, over the past year, Samsung has consolidated all of its IoT apps into one, simplified and streamlined SmartThings app. Join the forums and start discussing the phone before the event! The Galaxy S10 E will provide a more affordable solution to customers that want to experience a device from the flagship category, but it will also get the least number of features. These new features will also be available via automatic update for most earlier Family Hub models.

In 2019, with the new Family Board, a communal screen that family members can interact with in a personalized way, Family Hub helps foster true family connection, food management, and a connected home experience in today's fast-paced modern world. Tthe current S9 is 5.8 inches, though, with the smaller bezels on the upcoming models, Samsung will be able to accommodate a larger screen in a similarly-sized chassis.

CES is the first major trade show of the year. Cameras will be improved, too, with a new dual-lens selfie camera and potentially as many as four lenses at the rear.

As we know more, so will you! Huawei might use MWC to unveil its first foldable handset.

Coincidentally, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy series - and the company doesn't leave much room for doubt on its official invitation. The centerpiece of Samsungs AI vision is Bixby, which in a short amount of time has leapfrogged from a simple voice assistant to a truly intelligent interface capable of more conversational interaction and simplified control of hundreds of devices.

Samsung also offered a peek into the future of Connected Living by demonstrating its latest developments in robotics platforms including the Samsung Bot Care, Samsung Bot Air, Samsung Bot Retail, and Samsung GEMS.

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