American troops killed in Syria blast - claimed by so called Islamic State

US soldiers among those killed injured in Manbij explosion

A still from a video taken at the site of the explosion in Syria's Kurdish city of Manbij on Jan. 15 2019

The president has walked back his claim that the Islamic State has been defeated after announcing a rapid withdrawal of us troops from Syria, where four American service members were killed Wednesday in an attack claimed by the militant group. "An explosion in Manbij's busy market [street], initial reports of casualties".

Footage shared by BBC producer Riam Dalati showed a helicopter taking off from a soccer field near the site after the blast.

"In total, 2,200 people have left in the last 24 hours, including 180 IS fighters", the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

A witness told Reuters news agency that the U.S. troops were at the restaurant to meet members of the local Manbij Military Council (MMC). A child then runs out from the smoke. And now I'm seeing it in Syria'.

The loss of life is one of the worst since the United States military entered Syria to fight Isis in 2015.

On Monday, Erdogan and Trump had a telephone conversation to ease tensions after the U.S. leader threatened to "devastate" Turkey's economy if Ankara attacked Kurdish forces in Syria, and called for a "safe zone".

US Senator Rand Paul suggested that President Donald Trump would not only deliver on his pledge to withdraw all American troops from Syria but would also end America's 17-year involvement in Afghanistan. Trump initially appeared to want to withdraw from Syria rapidly, but has said since the withdrawal will be carried out more gradually.

It is said under this roadmap, Turkey will maintain its joint activities with the U.S.

On Capitol Hill in the wake of the attack, Sen.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Trump backer and prominent voice on foreign affairs on Capitol Hill, said during a committee hearing Wednesday he is concerned that Trump's withdrawal announcement had emboldened Islamic State militants and created unsafe uncertainty for American allies.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that he had a "quite positive" telephone conversation with Trump late on Monday where he reaffirmed that "a 20-mile [30km] security zone along the Syrian border. will be set up by us".

The Americans who died in the bombing were protecting America and had helped make it possible for the locals in Syria to gather together peacefully, Graham said. "You make people we are trying to help wonder about us".

"They've had enough of killing", he added.

At the time, Graham called the decision an "Obama-like mistake" and blasted the president for the hastily announced withdrawal plan, and made clear it was a move he wholeheartedly opposed.

Vice President Mike Pence also issued a statement earlier in the day saying the US has "crushed the ISIS caliphate" and devastated its capabilities. His decision led to the resignation of U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who cited policy differences with the president for his departure.

With the USA extricating itself from Syria, Turkey is poised to move in and fight the jihadists.

"The truth is that too often in recent years China has chosen a path that disregards the laws and norms that have kept the world state prosperous for more than half a century", he said.

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