Apple iPhone XS Max allegedly explodes in man's pocket in the US

Apple iPhone XS Max allegedly explodes in man's pocket in the US

Apple iPhone XS Max allegedly explodes in man's pocket in the US

He went to the Apple store to get a replacement for the iPhone but what happened next was something he didn't expect. Not long ago Samsung had to recall and end the production of its Galaxy Note 7 after multiple incidents of explosions and fire were reported worldwide.

According to the report, Hillard claims that he noticed a cloud of thick smoke emanating from his iPhone XS Max and felt a burning sensation on his skin due to the large amount of heat generated. He's now contemplating legal action against Apple for the same. "I left one hour before the store closed and unsatisfied with the customer service in store, I took back the damaged phone and returned home". Finally, he was offered a new phone but by this time, Hillard was too dissatisfied with Apple's response to accept the offer. He was also told that sending the phone to the engineering team is the only way to get a replacement phone.

According to Hillard, he went to the Apple Store that night to tell Apple about his problem. He then observed green and yellow smoke coming from his iPhone XS Max. The production timeline also matches Apple's preferred release for new iPhones, which is around September each year.

Check out the photos below-shared via iDrop News. He also emailed them pictures of his damaged phone. At the time of the incident, he was on a lunch break in a break room with a colleague. In Hillard's case, long-term battery abuse is unlikely to be the cause of the fire because the phone was just three weeks old. Now it was an iPhone XS Max that exploded. The brand is going to infuse the device with tech that's not yet mainstream and even though it will most likely retain the same design elements found in the iPhone XS/XS Max, the camera will be upgraded to house Sony's long-distance 3D sensors and will have the potential to transform mobile photography as we know it. The whole incident was recorded on a surveillance camera.

Earlier last month, Apple's iPhone X had overheated and exploded which caught fire while it was updating to iOS 12.1.

The screen size of iPhone XS didn't change much from previous year's iPhone X.

"When I held the phone it was very hot and I drop the phone immediately". Let's hope that Apple and the customer can come to a satisfactory ending on this one that hopefully will include a new pair of pants.

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