Apple to introduce 'new services' for 2019 hints company’s CEO

Apple to introduce 'new services' for 2019 hints company’s CEO

Apple to introduce 'new services' for 2019 hints company’s CEO

Apple CEO Tim Cook teased "new services" expected from the company in 2019 during an interview with Jim Cramer on CNBC's 'Mad Money'. In his statement, Cook blames China's recent economic slowdown and rising trade tensions for his company's lackluster performance in the country but the high prices of Apple's latest flagship iPhone models may have also played a part. Apart from Cook, other top executives of the company also went home with huge paychecks. This number is up 19% from the previous year and Cook wants to continue to see that number grow.

"Those are the most important things for us: innovation, customer satisfaction, and the overall size and loyalty of our customers", Cook said.

"When I got to the ER, they did an actual EKG on a cart - the real deal", he said. "I'm not going to forecast".

Cook told Cramer that the new services are those that Apple has been "working on for multiple years".

The Apple filing also had information on its achievements in 2018, such as reaching 100 per cent renewable energy in its global facilities, shipping the two billionth iOS device, launching the "Everyone Can Create" curriculum and more.

While some health professionals have expressed reservations that the new ECG app may yield a number of false-positives and result in an influx of otherwise health patients occupying space in hospital emergency rooms, there's no evidence that that will be much of an issue at all.

"We are taking what has been with the institution and empowering the individual to manage their health". This project, to which Apple is planning to invest more than $4 billion in the next five years. Other Apple executives were also well-paid a year ago.

However, this TV service, or Apple Videos, is just one service, and Tim Cook was specific in using the plural.

Cook appeared to be referring to comments that Qualcomm Chief Executive Steve Mollenkopf made in November on CNBC, in which he said the chip supplier was "on the doorstep of finding a resolution".

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