Becky Lynch Wins 2019 Women's Royal Rumble

4 Thoughts on 2019 WWE Royal Rumble Gambling Odds

4 Thoughts on 2019 WWE Royal Rumble Gambling Odds

"The Cenation Leader was unable to sufficiently recover in time for tonight's 30-Man Royal Rumble Match, and has been ruled out of the bout as a result".

Last year's match was won by SmackDown star Shinsuke Nakamura, but he's become only the second man to win the match and then not be in the Rumble or a world title match the following edition - he's locked-in for a pre-show one-on-one with Rusev for his US Championship.

From previous year onwards, the excitement has doubled as WWE added a separate Royal Rumble match for the women superstars.

Seth Rollins is the absolute favorite to win the men's Royal Rumble match. Who will win the Royal Rumble matches?

-Wrestlers are eliminated by going over the top rope and having both of their feet hit the floor outside the ring. Though neither followed through at the "Show Of Shows", WrestleMania is merely a sign to be pointed on Rumble night, rather than an event to actually consider the ramifications of. Meanwhile, on the women's side, Raw champion Ronda Rousey faces Sasha Banks and SmackDown champion Asuka defends against the red-hot Becky Lynch. Being the trusted shoulder of the company makes him the favorite to feature in the prime championship match at Wrestlemania 35. But she is likely to come up short as per the updates from Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

While some moments were botched and various amateurism surrounded the match at points, the blame can't be held at the women competing, but more in the lack of effort WWE has done in the past to give their women's roster viable personalities and important moments throughout the card.

Alexa Bliss at 26 and Bayley at 27 did provoke the crowd to get more into the match, while 28th entry Lana elicited some sympathy as she limped to the ring.

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