Can the Latest Console Revealed Compete With PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo?

A New Game Console Is On The Way To Compete With Xbox And PlayStation

Project Cars Developer Slightly Mad Studios is Questionably Creating a New Console Called the ‘Mad Box’

Slightly Mad Studios, the developer best known for its work on the Project Cars series, is supposedly developing a new gaming console. The Mad Box will also come fully equipped with a free development engine for aspiring gamers and professionals alike to dip into game development easily.

Slightly Mad CEO Ian Bell started off the morning a cryptic tweet saying, "The Mad Box is coming". He also expects the Mad Box to release in "three years time". Bell describes the Mad Box as having specs equivalent to a "very fast PC 2 years from now".

For years the gaming industry has focused largely around three dominant household console names: Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo "whatever they decide to call it".

According to Bell, the Mad Box is the answer to the growing monopoly problem. That said, the official Slightly Mad Studios account did retweet all of Bell's statements, seemingly lending credibility to verify Bell's account as real. But if Slightly Mad can deliver a new console to market that incorporates all the modern bells and whistles at an affordable price, it will certainly turn some heads.

Furthermore, the studio will also provide its full development engine for free. For now, I am excited and applaud the effort by Slightly Mad Studios and their CEO for a great news.

The system will apparently support 4K gaming, VR at 60FPS per eye or 120 FPS total, and a number of peripherals. Well, "competitive with upcoming console prices", so between $400 and $500, we'd presume that means. He doesn't have plans to pay developers incentives to create exclusives on the platform.

According to Bell, the Mad Box is still in pre-production, with Slightly Mad Studios now hashing out production and other logistics with multiple potential partners. Bell wrote. "It's the most powerful console ever built..."

Based on the success enjoyed by the developer so far, it isn't surprising that Bell said they have "multiple investors already offering the required funding" to bring the Mad Box to the market.

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