European Union parliament won't accept Brexit deal without backstop

Brexit four scenarios

European Union parliament won't accept Brexit deal without backstop

Airbus is the world's second-largest aerospace firm, which employs 14,000 people across Britain, including 6,000 at its wing-making plant in Broughton, Wales and 3,000 at its Filton plant near Bristol.

Days before the parliament resumes voting on Brexit, business leaders, trade union bosses, and ministers all warned against a "no deal" outcome.

Airbus senior vice president Katherine Bennett later said the Government had asked the company to "make clear the potential impact of a no deal".

The headache for all sides is that while a policed border brings back memories of Northern Ireland's recent violent past, Brexit makes the frontier the limit of the bloc's single market and customs union, and the EU needs to turn away goods or food products that do not meet its standards.

"There appears to be a majority in the Commons to oppose a no-deal but opposing a no-deal will not stop a no-deal from happening" on the official March 29 departure date, he said.

He and Hammond are meeting their global counterparts in the hope of reaching further agreements, while other ministers are lobbying to show there is "more to the United Kingdom than Brexit".

Addressing a meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Hammond said that "leaving without a deal would undermine our future prosperity, and would. represent a betrayal of the promises that were made".

Vehicle makers and other manufacturers, including Airbus earlier on Thursday, have warned about the toll a no-deal Brexit could impose, including higher tariffs, disruption to supply chains and threats to jobs. But she has shown little willingness to make changes to her Brexit plan.

"Today he paints a doomsday scenario of a return of soldiers to the border in the event of a no-deal Brexit", she said.

"The UK political system still hasn't landed on a settled point around where it wants to be and pitch its new future relationship".

With Ireland refusing to even countenance contingency plans for how the border would be managed in a no deal scenario, Varadkar said he believed all sides would cobble together a similar arrangement to the "backstop" given their need to abide by global trade rules and the terms of the 1998 peace deal.

Addressing a CBI lunch in Davos, Switzerland, Mr Hammond said "the only credible and sustainable solution" for the Government was to deliver European Union withdrawal in a way which protected the economy.

Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to meet May to discuss Brexit until she rules out a no-deal option, and lawmakers outside government are seeking to block it.

Looking to negotiate a better deal while being prepared to leave on March 29 is the sensible and right course of action to take. Lambasting the government, the CEO said it was a "disgrace" that businesses could still not plan for Brexit. "But we still have no idea what is really going on here", he said.

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