Everett: Murray worth a first-round pick in NFL Draft

Everett: Murray worth a first-round pick in NFL Draft

Everett: Murray worth a first-round pick in NFL Draft

Declaring for the draft does not mean Kyler Murray is choosing to play football instead of baseball. Schefter tweets today that Murray's mind "has been made up", though there is of course still time for a late change of heart.

Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley said in November that if anyone could play both sports, it's Murray.

Kyler Murray started one season at quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners. NFL QBs such as Aaron Rogers and Matt Ryan each earn more than $30 million a year and are signed to multi-year deals with the Packers and Falcons.The average length of an NFL player's career is between three and six years.

Between Murray's spectacular play and the NFL's steady offensive shift to fit a style of play that Murray excelled at while at Oklahoma, he quickly climbed draft boards and is now expected to be a first round pick if he were to enter the draft.

He never played a first-class baseball game, went back to college, and became the oldest player ever picked in the first round of the National Football League draft, at 28, when the Cleveland Browns took him 22nd overall in 2012. Do you pursue baseball or football? And the problem and the drawback with him in football and the reason people are questioning his ability there - Kyler Murray's only five-foot-nine. One CAC evaluator told me that Murray likely received a first- or second-round grade from the panel, but he was not assigned to Murray's specific evaluation and could not say for certain.

The A's visited with Murray over the weekend in an attempt to persuade him to play baseball. However, Mayfield went first overall and it seems unlikely right now that Murray will be the No. 1 overall pick. Major League Baseball also sent marketing executives to meet with him to present information about Murray's off-field earning potential.

He is scheduled to report to spring training in Arizona with the Athletics on Feb.15. This makes scouts worry wether Murray can even see over his offensive linemen when throwing the ball at the National Football League level.

Thus, the biggest dilemma Murray needs to resolve from a pure financial standpoint is where more guaranteed money will come from, both now and in the future?

Murray's father, Kevin, was the Texas A&M quarterback from 1983 to 1986 and although he likely would've wanted his son to remain with his alma mater, that didn't end up happening.

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