Google Assistant Lock Screen to be Available on Android Devices

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Google Assistant Lock Screen to be Available on Android Devices

Also at CES Google announced Interpreter Mode for Google Assistant, created to allow the service to operate as a dedicated translation device - running at a hotel check-in desk, for example, to display translations for travelers who don't speak the language. Google is helping change that by deploying Interpreter Mode for Google Assistant - it will support "dozens" of languages when it arrives, including commonly spoken ones like Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, and French. Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode Demo Just before it was officially unveiled at the biggest tech show, the company showed how it worked. Google expects applications for Interpreter Model to expand quickly for many situations, especially when people are traveling. The Sonos One and Sonos Beam will use Google Assistant to control all of its functions.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will be supported in the 2019 Samsung TVs.

One Billion devices will feature Google Assistant by the end of the month.

Also, the Assistant will also intuitively notify you when the flight is ready for check-in.

Unfortunately, Sonos isn't yet committing to a date for its Google Assistant roll-out.

By using Google Assistant on your phone, you can get restaurant recommendations, turn off alarms and schedule reminders, without having to unlock the handset.

Now playing: Watch this: Google Assistant Connect paves a path for wacky future. You can find all the new features below. Google Announces E Ink Screen, New Assistance Features, Interpreter Mode at Trade Show. And Todoist, for help keeping track of itineraries with notes and lists in the Google Assistant.

Soon, users will be able to check in for their flights, and save and retrieve boarding passes on Google Assistant via both Android and iOS smartphones.

"Domestic travelers on United Airlines can say 'Hey Google, check in to my flight", to automatically be checked in. Google says the Assistant will essentially handle all the "higher-order" computing, making it much easier for device manufacturers to make smart gadgets without needing to build all the headroom for actually implementing a full-on Assistant experience. If they plan to stay at a particular hotel or motel, they can book a room using Google Assistant.

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