Google Assistant nears 1 billion installs as usage quadruples

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Google Assistant nears 1 billion installs as usage quadruples

Google Assistant now works with over 10,000 smart home devices.

Of course, as impressive as that figure is, it's slightly misleading.

There are large, large numbers of feature phones in the market today - hundreds of millions.

Amazon has never shed details on sales units when it comes to devices sold with its Alexa assistant, but now the finally has revealed a number for the first time, ahead of next week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES): over 100 million.

What is Google Assistant? One billion - that's the number of devices the search giant says its Google Assistant virtual helper will be available on by the end of this month.

Scott Huffman, vice president, engineering at Google Assistant, attributed the achievement to his team's focus on adding new features and functions, along with Assistant's expansion around the world.

It expects that by the end of this month the Google Assistant will be available on one billion devices, Google stating in a blog post on Monday, noting that this is up from 500 million devices from May of past year.

The older Samsung TVs are also expected to get Alexa or Google Assistant support soon once the newer TVs are launched.

Google raised some eyebrows at last year's CES, when the company all but declared war on Amazon's Alexa and other rivals. Well, Google Assistant is available on smartphones, Amazon Alexa is available on some smartphones.

Another big part of this success for Google has been how much it has been pushing the Assistant lately.

Announced at CES on Monday, Google said the increase would represent almost 100% growth since May of past year, when its Assistant was installed on about 500 million gadgets. Now, Google can develop new Google Assistant voices in a shorter timeframe, and improve pitch, pace, and pauses for more human-like conversations.

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