Google Chrome for Windows 10 will get a Native Dark Mode Soon

Google Chrome for Windows 10 will get a Native Dark Mode Soon

Google Chrome for Windows 10 will get a Native Dark Mode Soon

Utilising the Windows 10 capability to support the Dark Modes, Google Chrome is bringing its long-requested Dark Mode to Windows 10, after debuting it on macOS late a year ago.

In response to complaints in a Reddit thread regarding the lack of dark mode support, Kasting recently suggested that users install a Dark theme until support is finished being added to the desktop browser. The browser add-on helps turn the browser screen to dark at night time.

According to previous reports, version 73 of Chrome is going to come with support for macOS 10.14's dark mode, complete with an alternative color scheme, similar to the incognito mode in terms of looks, for the entire user interface.

"Chrome should respect this", wrote Kasting.

Restart Chrome and it should launch with the dark theme enabled.

Google Chrome which is one of the most popular Browsers which is widely used by millions of users across different platforms.

The only problem is that the dark mode isn't anywhere near polished.

This follows Google announcing plans to bring a dark mode to Chrome for Apple Mac and the macOS Mojave operating system. Do remember that Canary builds often have a lot of bugs so make sure you don't use Canary builds for your day-to-day work. It is regularly updated with new features as it already supports the next major Windows 10 release scheduled for Spring of 2019.

To try Tab Cards right now, download the latest version of Canary and enter chrome://flags in the address bar.

Dark modes and dark themes aren't scientifically shown to actually reduce eye strain, but there's a wealth of anecdotal experience that points in that direction.

More and more apps and browsers are receiving a dark mode, and we can only appreciate this.

After a three-month development cycle, initial tests of the Chrome dark mode setting were first rolled out to Chrome on macOS last month, in December 2018. This is how, you can apply Dark Mode in Chrome before its Official Release. Other aspects of the dark theme may change with time as well.

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