Government Shutdown Forcing Closures at Joshua Tree National Park

As government shutdown continues human waste on Yosemite's roadsides prompt park closures

Government Shutdown Forcing Closures at Joshua Tree National Park

In Yoshua Tree national Park in California the camping sites close, because there was bickering and not simply ends Ranger.

The partial federal government shutdown, now into its 11th day, has forced furloughs of hundreds of thousands of federal government employees.

But for other national parks, its a different story.

President Trump has said he's "ready" to negotiate over the government shutdown, but until then, it looks like national parks are becoming a Wild West of trash and feces.

"We're afraid that we're going to start seeing significant damage to the natural resources in parks and potentially to historic and other cultural artifacts", John Garder, senior budget director of the nonprofit National Parks Conservation Association, tells the AP.

A similar situation unfolded at Arches National Park. "It's really a nightmare scenario".

Additional facilities and areas may close within Yosemite National Park at any time for the health and safety of park visitors. Also, the main road in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks is blocked because of the waste of crowded containers is a threat to the animals and the traffic was building up on the icy roadway. "Regardless of what happens in Washington, the Grand Canyon will not close on our watch", said Governor Doug Ducey in a press statement released a few days before the shutdown began.

Handwritten signs have also been posted asking visitors not to litter, as there are now no trash services.

Most national parks initially remained open with skeleton staffs and limited services - including no trash pickup and locked restrooms at some parks, reported The Huffington Post.

According to the National Park Service, the Joshua Tree will remain accessible but visitors will have to enter at their own risk as the area isn't fully staffed.

Feltges himself had set up a portable toilet at his store to help the visitors still streaming in and out of the park.

"This is a reflection on their efforts and the park is very fortunate to have a community that exhibits the kind of care and concern witnessed over the last week", he said.

"Everyone loves the park. A lot of these people are returnees and they're more than happy to give back to this park".

"People are bringing in dogs and drones, and there are instances where people aren't following the rules, and it is not good for the wildlife and the environment", she said.

"You're looking at Yosemite Falls and in front of you is plastic bottles and trash bags."

The National Archives is closed as a partial government shutdown stretches into its third week.

At some parks, private companies have jumped in to handle some the maintenance normally handled by federal employees.

As the government shutdown persists, nature lovers are coping with overflowing toilets and garbage cans, and improvised open-air bathrooms. "Once conditions go downhill, they will be hard to restore", writes Purdy.

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