Grizzlies stars Marc Gasol, Mike Conley address trade rumors

Grizzlies stars Marc Gasol, Mike Conley address trade rumors

Grizzlies stars Marc Gasol, Mike Conley address trade rumors

"That'd be awesome, and hopefully retire one day as a Grizzly".

Wall's in the final year of his deal at $19.1 million, but is extension runs for four more seasons at an average of about $42.3 per season.

Of course, if the Blazers aren't happy with the results at season's end, they could let Gasol walk if he opts out, buy him out if he opts in, and finally trade McCollum for a fresh start. It would all just depend on whether or not the Grizzlies value any of Charlotte's assets, beit Malik Monk, Nicolas Batum or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Gordon and rookie Jaren Jackson Jr. would make a versatile frontcourt of the future for the Grizzlies.

One of the deeper teams in the league, the one position the Clippers don't have much depth is at centre. He is the more urgent player to trade, but also far more hard to suss out when it comes to what a reasonable return might be. That is not easy for a player as big as Gasol.

A return by Conley to his native Indianapolis could also make sense.

To start, we must find the trade value of Conley, and we'll do that by looking at trades from the past three seasons to find a trade involving a single player with a similar skill-set and current value among the league's current teams and their wants. However, the Clippers can't risk cutting into their cap space if Gasol picks up his option, which would dash their dreams of signing two max free agents this summer. Once 15-9, they're just 4-19 over the last six weeks or so and have sunk near the bottom of the Western Conference. The Jazz has been up there although they have fallen short in the late stages of games and the playoffs, something that may be attributed to the lack of maturity the team carries. But given that he's playing under a five-year, $152.6 million deal, salary fillers would be needed. That could spell the end of Conley's and Gasol's Grizzlies careers after 12 and 11 years, respectively.

The Kings run the same risk as the Clippers do in a Gasol trade, but it wouldn't likely be almost as damaging if he were to opt-in because Sacramento already has its core of the future in De'Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield and Marvin Bagley.

Perhaps one of the best situations for Conley, the 31-year-old would head to one of the best professional sports organizations and paired with one of the greatest coaches in the history of basketball.

This isn't to say New Orleans should go all in like this, but if they are intent on sending a message to Anthony Davis, this move would be a starting point.

But then the Phoenix Suns entered their fourth consecutive year of being an absolute mess, and while fans can sit around and accept losses with the hope that the next draft pick will be the key to the turnaround, the players are the ones actually living those losses and some are beginning to take it very personally.

The Los Angeles Lakers because Gasol would add a different dimension to their offence.

Like the Spurs in the West, Miami is in the Eastern Conference playoff hunt, and Gasol would help lock the Heat into a postseason spot.

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