Joe Staley joins in on recruiting pitch for Antonio Brown

6 guys the Steelers shouldn't bring back for 2019

6 guys the Steelers shouldn't bring back for 2019

Rooney said the team will do its best to make things right with Brown, but it appears the damage has already been done.

Rooney, however, said Steelers will "look at all the options" on how to deal with Brown, who did not play in the regular-season finale. He also ruled out the possibility of the team releasing him, but acknowledged that "all other options are on the table". Later, it came out that Brown got into a heated dispute with Ben Roethlisberger, has issues with both Roethlisberger and Tomlin, and has requested a trade.

"On a serious note, I'm going to address stuff at a later date, deeper details", said Brown, who was smoking a cigar in the video.

Brown, 30, can not be traded until March 13, when the NFL's 2019 season officially opens. However, Brown will be 31 when the 2019 season kicks off so if the asking price is too high, San Francisco may not be interested. AB wants out, and it seems as if the Steelers may finally be willing to grant his wish. This won't be resolved anytime soon - March at the earliest. "All options are on the table".

"The bottom line is we were playing a significant game and he didn't do a good enough job of communicating of being available in the hours leading up to that performance", Tomlin said at the time. He posted 100-plus receptions and 1,200-plus yards for the sixth straight time this season and led the league with 15 touchdowns. A trade for Brown makes a lot of sense for the Raiders, given the state of their wide receiver corps.

The Raiders clearly have a need at receiver and aren't afraid to take a chance on older players so it wouldn't be surprising to see the Raiders explore a trade for Brown. It certainly sounds like the Steelers are open for business or, at the very least, open to the idea of being open for business.

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