Kyler Murray Expected to Enter NFL Draft

Kyler Murray Expected to Enter NFL Draft

Kyler Murray Expected to Enter NFL Draft

Should he elect to play football over baseball, Murray would forfeit the entire $4.66-million signing bonus he received after the Athletics drafted him ninth overall this past June. The NFL's scouting combine begins on February 26, which Murray will likely attend if he chooses to go the football route.

That shift in the National Football League, undoubtedly helped by the success of Lamar Jackson with the Ravens as a speedster dual threat with a smaller frame, has apparently made Murray, once a lock to play baseball, suddenly unsure. At that point, Murray would have to make a decision on what sport he wants to play.

Murray, 21, complicated things by leading Oklahoma to an 12-2 record and a spot in the College Football Playoff, winning the Heisman Trophy along the way.

"I'd like to do both if possible, " he said.

It started innocuously enough when then-Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury said this back in October about Murray. "But I don't know how possible that is".

College football fans can dream of an Air Raid union made in heaven of Kingsbury and Murray playing at University of Phoenix Stadium, but there are plenty of obstacles in the way of that reality.

But his agent, Scott Boras, told ESPN on Wednesday night that Murray "has a baseball contract".

Now that the momentum seems to be moving Murray told football, that same G.M. has taken a close look at Murray.

Murray, an outfielder on the diamond, is due to report to spring training in Arizona on February 15 - nearly two weeks before the NFL's scouting combine takes place.

It's unknown whether Kingsbury was forced to commit to Rosen in taking the job, but Murray's newfound availability could make for some interesting discussions.

A number of former Major League Baseball draft picks ultimately chose to pursue football full time, including Russell Wilson, Jameis Winston and Ricky Williams.

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