McDonald's customer attacks employee over plastic straws

McDonald's customer attacks employee over plastic straws

McDonald's customer attacks employee over plastic straws

The man in the viral video showing him attempting to violently pull a female McDonald's employee over the counter during a dispute over straws has been arrested on two counts of simple battery.

The woman who fought off a man who attacked her over a lack of readily available straws in a McDonald's lobby has hired a prominent local attorney to represent her.

A male customer was arrested for assaulting two female McDonald's employees in Florida.

The incident was sparked by a dispute over plastic straws, CNN reported. As soon as he approached her, I hit record.

What happened to the McDonald's employee? Taylor was later arrested by the police.

She also represented the families of three St. Petersburg girls who died after driving a stolen auto into a pond during a police chase.

Kinie Biandudi said that she and her mother actually trailed Taylor as far as they could up the street as they waited for police to arrive before finally heading back.

"No, you're going to go to jail". Brenda records that the man got upset and began walking back to the counter to berate a cashier.

"I said, this is getting a little heated here", said Biandudi.

The woman returns to the counter and as she looks on the ground for her phone, a battered Taylor screams, "I want her [expletive] fired".

The video garnered millions of views after Biandudi's children posted it on Facebook.

Taylor and the employee, Ms Yasmine James, then are seen to shout some more at each other, with James telling the customer that he will go to jail for reaching across to grab her first.

"If someone put hands on you, you have to defend yourself". On his way out, James kicked another employee standing near the exit door, Tateona Bell, in the stomach, police stated.

Meanwhile, McDonald's released a statement, saying "our highest priority is always the safety and well-being" of its employees and guests, promising full cooperation in the probe.

Taylor was escorted out of the restaurant and police were called to the scene. "I think they acted appropriately", she said.

McDonald's told INSIDER the company is fully cooperating with the police investigation.

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