Microsoft ends Windows 7 support one year from today

Microsoft ends Windows 7 support one year from today

Microsoft ends Windows 7 support one year from today

The firm's research found that almost a fifth (17 percent) of IT departments don't know when the end of support deadline is while six per cent are aware of it but have yet to start planning for their migration away from Windows 7. Beyond that date, Microsoft will no longer be providing official support or even critical security fixes to Windows 7.

As many as 43 per cent of enterprises are still using Windows 7 despite the fact that Microsoft will officially end support for its ten-year-old operating system one year from now. "This means distributing increasingly frequent updates across their systems - something many IT departments will find impossible due to outdated infrastructure".

As it approaches a decade on the market, Windows 7 remains a popular operating system.

The risks of exploits aimed at vulnerabilities in Windows 7 will increase substantially, especially because Windows versions share a large part of the code, and numerous discovered security flaws affect more than just a specific product.

Microsoft is now locked into Windows 10 for the foreseeable future, but a significant share of global Windows users are still on older versions like Windows 7. Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 in 2015, but the OS is still covered by extended support until January 14, 2020.

Microsoft didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

In any event, if you're still on Windows 7, here's an early heads up that you're down to your final year of free security updates. "That's why it's time to make the shift to Windows 10 today", Microsoft said last September.

If you're business is still running Windows 7, now is the time to migrate to a different OS before it's too late. You could quarantine your Windows 7 machine from ethernet and wi-fi if you really want to avoid updating, but good luck getting at your Steam library then.

The one-third of Windows users on 7 won't evaporate completely, though.

Unfortunately, the extended support program isn't for consumers.

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