Netanyahu calls Brazil a new ally as Bolsonaro plans embassy move

Netanyahu calls Brazil a new ally as Bolsonaro plans embassy move

Netanyahu calls Brazil a new ally as Bolsonaro plans embassy move

Brasília, Brazil- Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Thursday he was considering ending the Labor Court, where labor disputes are now being judged, considering there is an "excess of rights" that benefit workers.

The decision to send in troops was taken by Bolsonaro's new justice minister, Sergio Moro, a former high-profile judge who oversaw Brazil's biggest corruption probe, called Car Wash.

Asked about the possibility of setting up a United States military base in Brazil, Bolsonaro said "who knows if it would be necessary to discuss this".

During the final days of former president Michel Temer's government last month, the Finance Ministry was notified of the merger, with a period of 30 days to contest the legality of it.

"My approximation with the United States is economic, but it could also be warlike", said Bolsonaro, adding the base would be "symbolic" since American military power can reach any part of the globe.

Founded in 1969, Embraer is a world leader in regional aircraft manufacturing.

He said he is anxious about Russia's closeness with Venezuelan leftist President Nicolas Maduro, whom he has repeatedly called a dictator. It remains unclear if Bolsonaro's government will rescind that recognition or continue to allow the Palestinian Authority to hold a diplomatic outpost in Brazil's capital.

Bolsonaro said he was "concerned" about the participation of the Russian Air Force in military drills in Venezuela in early December.

On Friday, asked by journalists in Brasilia about his openness to hosting a USA base, Bolsonaro said: "I have the American people as a friend".

Around half of the people robbed were tourists from Europe, South America and Asia, as reported by Merco Press.

Since his inauguration on Tuesday, Bolsonaro has used executive orders to open up Brazil's economy, crack down on violent drug gangs and redraw the country's foreign policy while pushing conservative social measures.

"Israel is a sovereign state and we must respect it", Bolsonaro told Brazi's SBT.

Gangs across Brazil typically carry out such actions to spread fear and in response to police crackdowns on the streets or in prisons.

The changes include blocks on cellphone signals and an end to a policy of separating inmates according to gang affiliation. Many people have the violent crime exhausted of it.

2017 were registered in Brazil almost 64,000 murders.

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