Parents remove children from NW school

Parents remove children from NW school

Parents remove children from NW school

People then pointed out that the children were sitting separately according to race - the white children at a table in the centre of the room, and the few black children at a table in the corner.

"We didn't think that it would be such a racial issue in our school and what the MEC said is that if there are some of the schools which are still practising that, it will be rooted out as soon as possible".

However, after the photo went viral and an investigation was launched, the schools seem to have rearranged the learners into a more integrated system. One of the kids mothers', during an interview with Open News South Africa, recalled how excited she was to drop off her child at the Grade R class, where all the kids were lined up outside, ready to start the day. Children play separately according to race. We have always wanted to march against the school and have never done so.

The Afrikaaner children who are greater in number, are seated at a long table, in the center of the shot.

"As government, we would like to condemn any form of racism, alleged or not, and we deeply regret this unfortunate incident taking place in our country 25 years into democracy", said a spokesperson for the local government leader, Job Lekgoro. The teacher has since been suspended while the investigation continues. "Now they want to make this as if its racism, everyone just wants to make white people racists, we are not racists, we just want what was best for our children", the parent said. "If they are not happy‚ let them take their children there". Whilst my office is 20mins away I sped to collect my child at an instance and remove her from the school immediately.

A mother of one of the black students said she was outraged at the segregation and also the fact that not one of the white parents had mentioned it.

Or, as many people have suggested, how this was all due to the fact that the parents of the four black children may have registered their children late and how this is, indirectly, their fault.

An education official said: 'We are not sure whether is fake or real, if it's real we are condemning it, we say not during this era, we can not really accept it'. "Around 9 o'clock the class teacher posted the picture saying they are settling well at school".

He also said that the school would help the staff with additional training.

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