Ronda Rousey flustered by booing WWE 'Raw' crowd

Ronda Rousey The rock

Ronda Rousey flustered by booing WWE 'Raw' crowd

- Becky Lynch took to Twitter after RAW and taunted RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey, seen in the tweet below. However, her night wouldn't end there as she talked her way into the 30-woman match that she wasn't scheduled to appear in.

The ending of the women's Royal Rumble match has certainly left the door open for Charlotte to factor into things. After the match, she even gave heartfelt interview to ESPN. Meltzer notes that they do have a storyline in place to get Charlotte Flair in the match. However, in her unexpected return to the title picture, she made her time count and, in many ways, once again made a believer out of us all.

But, Jax took the fight to all the men in the four-sqaure and also took signature moves from Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Rey Mysterio before being eliminated by Mysterio.

And from the moment she entered the WWE fans at Chase Field were behind her for the win. While Rousey used to enjoy adoring fans chanting her name, most of the crowd Monday continually broke out into chants of "Becky" while Rousey spoke. Rousey said that while Lynch was on the pre-show at WrestleMania a year ago, she stole the show in her debut. "Because unlike you, I want my opponent to be looking me in the eye and primed to fight", said Rousey. That honor is now held by former SmackDown champ and Royal Rumble victor Becky Lynch.

Unlike [Men's Royal Rumble winner] Seth Rollins, I don't need much time to think.

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