Rubio: ‘Significant Number of Senate Democrats Now Support BDS’

On Monday, the Florida Republican decried the statement from Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat of MI, as anti-Semitic.

For now, the package will nearly certainly stall.

An effort in the Senate to force President Donald Trump to impose new sanctions on Syria is getting caught up in the stalemate over the partial US government shutdown as top Democrats said they'd move to block any legislation that doesn't reopen the government.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will oppose proceeding to the legislation, according to a senior aide who was unauthorized to speak publicly about the vote and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Democrats and President Trump are launching an aggressive public relations campaign in hopes of winning popular support as the 18-day partial government shutdown drags on with no resolution in sight.

Tlaib, a Palestinian-American who recently made headlines for declaring on video Democrats are "gonna impeach the mother****er", referring to President Trump, is one of several radical leftists who ran for election in 2018 with anti-Israel or anti-Semitic sentiments. This is the USA where boycotting is a right & part of our historical fight for freedom & equality.

"Maybe a refresher on our U.S. Constitution is in order, then get back to opening up our government instead of taking our rights away" the freshman congresswoman remarked. The Anti-Defamation League notes that BDS is a campaign to delegitimize Israel as the Jewish state and that the movement's founding goals "including denying the Jewish people the universal right of self-determination - along with numerous strategies employed in BDS campaigns are anti-Semitic". That has led to a "boycott of the boycotts" as Israel pushes back against those aligned with BDS.

In addition, the package would let state and local governments pass measures limiting business with any company or individual engaging in boycott, divestment or sanctions activity directed at Israel or Israeli-controlled territories.

Smith also questioned Trump's pronouncement the USA should cut its military losses and withdraw from Syria - which Trump reversed after a GOP backlash and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned in protest.

"It's absurd that the first bill during the shutdown is legislation which punishes Americans who exercise their constitutional right to engage in political activity", Sanders wrote on Twitter, sharing an article from The Intercept.

McConnell has said he won't make his members vote on a bill to reopen the government without assurances that Trump would sign it, though at least two Republican senators have pushed to reopen the government while wall negotiations continue. "Let's not get off on the wrong foot, with House Democrats using their new platform to produce political statements rather than serious solutions".

But Rubio's office says the bill allows the governments "to counter economic warfare against Israel".

Both sides are squaring off ahead of Tuesday's votes.

They are also backed up by key liberal outside groups, including the Center for American Progress, Indivisible and the AFL-CIO, although this strategy hasn't been backed caucus-wide.

"And if boycotting #Israel is constitutionally protected, then boycotting companies that boycott #Israel is also constitutionally protected", Rubio tweeted.

Senate Democrats will try to block action on a Syria sanctions bill when it comes up for a vote Tuesday, an effort to keep the focus on the government shutdown.

Prior to the vote, McConnell described Democrats' opposition to his motion as a "partisan tantrum". Republicans will control the Senate 53-47, and 60 votes are required to move the legislation forward.

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