Samsung Announces 2019 4K, HDR, UltraWide, and Space-Saving Monitors

Samsung Announces 2019 4K, HDR, UltraWide, and Space-Saving Monitors

Samsung Announces 2019 4K, HDR, UltraWide, and Space-Saving Monitors

Supporting an impressive 120Hz refresh rate, Samsung said users can play challenging high-quality games without any delay.

Gaming is the intended headline objective of the CRG9 and Samsung boasts the display features good gaming specs such as a 4ms response time, up to 120Hz refresh rate, FreeSync 2 compatibility, and low image lag and motion blur - to help with fast paced games.

Content truly comes alive on the CRG9, with dual WQHD resolution (5120×1440) and HDR10 with a peak brightness of 1,000 nits and local dimming, providing superfine detail in the brightest and the darkest parts of an image. The CRG9 includes one HDMI port, two Display Ports, USB 3.0 and headphone connectivity options. "Officially called the UR59C 32", the monitor has been primarily designed with content creators in mind.

The Space Monitor will be available in two sizes, with a 27-inch QHD model that offers up to 144hz refresh rate and a larger 4K model that measures 32-inches and has standard 60Hz refresh rate. Sleek and slim is the goal when it comes to design, as Samsung says that the monitor has a total thickness of 6.7mm. It has a 3-sided bezel-less screen which is attached to a V-slim metal stand with a two-prong base that encases cables and reduces its footprint on a desk. If you're a professional, digitally illustrating or editing video footage, obviously you need a great monitor.

You can position Samsung's Space Monitor against the wall, hovering in the air, or flush against your desk. One of its main drawcards is as a space saving solution.

Samsung Announces 2019 4K, HDR, UltraWide, and Space-Saving Monitors

The Space Monitor features a unique space-saving design with a minimalist fully-integrated arm stand that can clamp to a user's desk, allowing customers to extend the display or push the screen back and store it flat against the wall.

Lastly Samsung has introduced a 32-inch, curved 4K UR59C monitor designed for content creators.

The Samsung Space monitor could be pre-ordered now through Best Buy, Amazon and

For more information about Samsung's new monitors, please visit Samsung/CES2019. The CRG9 would come out later this year. And the name Space Monitor is not referring to where it could be used but because it gives you space. Continuing with the trend, the company announced its next generation of monitors that promise to improve the video game experience and optimize the modern workspace. DisplayHDR 1000 is the top-end HDR spec from VESA, FreeSync 2 HDR is the latest FreeSync standard from AMD (though we still don't know for certain if existing FreeSync displays will be compatible with Intel's Adaptive Sync implementation, they should be).

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