'Suits' Is Reportedly Offering Meghan Markle Millions to Make One Last Cameo

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'Suits' Is Reportedly Offering Meghan Markle Millions to Make One Last Cameo

There's no official word yet on whether Queen Elizabeth would be down for this, but Meghan already broke royal protocol last month, so really, anything is possible with the British royals.

While it doesn't look like we'll be seeing a Meghan cameo anytime soon, the Duchess is reportedly expected to become patron of Britain's National Theatre after being seen as a "natural fit" for the role.

Instead, it's thought that Meghan, a proud supporter of a selection of good causes, may be tempted by the chance to donate a multi-million dollar check to charities of her choice. The source has said, "No final figure has yet been arrived at, but negotiations are likely to be opened in the very near future".

The pregnant duchess was rumoured to be reprising her role in the Netflix hit series amid reports bosses had offered a multi-million dollar charity donation in exchange for one final appearance.

'I've heard sums ranging from two to six million being kicked around'. Turns out, Prince Harry's wife could possibly (emphasis on possibly, people!) make a return to her role as cool chic/attorney Rachel Zane on Suits.

"There are no plans for her to return to the show".

"Considering he's been a pretty brutal drinker since he was a young teenager, it's quite an achievement", a source close to the pair told The Express.

Following her exit from the show Meghan has remained friends with her former co-stars, with both Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey and also Patrick J Adams, who plays Mike Ross, attending her wedding to Prince Harry last May.

Meghan has apparently limited her husband's alcohol and caffeine intake in favour of mineral water as the couple prepare to welcome their first child in spring.

"We could create a storyline where Rachel and Mike have created new lives for themselves and are starting a family, with Rachel showing an obvious baby bump".

'It would be one of the biggest marketing coups in TV history'.

"I believe we could get away with only one or two lines from Rachel, perhaps saying how she would never have believed she would have such a wonderful life".

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