The government shutdown could delay your tax refund

The government shutdown could delay your tax refund

The government shutdown could delay your tax refund

The agency has been part of the government shutdown cut backs, retaining only about 12.5% of their workers.

The office manager says there are some questions that can't be answered, but what she is advising customers to start getting tax paperwork together now.

Typically, lower-income taxpayers who have no federal tax liability file their tax returns as soon as possible in January, and expect to receive refunds by February. If the government shutdown persists past mid-January, it is unclear what the tax refund timetable will look like.

The Daily Caller executive editor Vince Coglianese discusses how a partial government shutdown will impact the American people.

For now, individuals who call the IRS with questions are greeted with an automated message: "Welcome to the IRS".

The IRS is working with limited staff during the partial shutdown.

If anyone owes money to the government, it is still due by April 15.

Despite the shutdown, tax experts say you still need to do your taxes.

Neal wrote to Charles Rettig, the head of the IRS, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to request information about how the shutdown will affect the IRS's ability to process tax returns and provide refunds.

If the impasse is resolved before mid-January, the traditional start of tax season, early tax filers may not feel a significant impact. Live telephone assistance is not available at this time. He also noted that another problem for taxpayers is that as the shutdown continues, mortgage lenders will be unable to obtain tax transcripts to verify income for loan.

"All we have to do is wait and hope this ends soon", Olsen said.

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