Three Things that Kept Chicago Bears from Beating Eagles

Khalil Mack

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Jake Elliott, the second-year Eagles' kicker who watched from the opposite sideline when Parkey's kick bounced off the uprights at Soldier Field, also offered his support early Monday morning.

Pace could still look to bring in competition for Parkey to battle him at training camp, and then consider making a change in the preseason, but for now, it doesn't make sense for the Bears to release their kicker in the offseason. "Felt good. [but] actually, I thought I didn't get enough of it, I thought it was going to go in", Hester said after the 16-15 victory, via the Philly Daily News. I have to own it.

"The sun's gonna shine tomorrow, life's gonna go on, and unfortunately it's gonna sting for a while". Eagles defensive tackle Treyvon Hester appeared to have gotten a piece of the football with his right hand as it entered flight, which is likely the reason the kick tailed to the left and infamously doinked the upright. It looks like Hester tipping the ball sent it off course.

After Hester gave the details, people still weren't convinced that the kick had been tipped. If they keep Parkey, they only have to pay him $4.2 million. It's a really tough job, and I just wanted to make sure he understood that we all had his back. I mean, we lost as a team.

The NFC North champion Chicago Bears had their first playoff appearance in eight seasons come to a brutal end.

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