Tomic wins first clash with Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios

Kyrgios insists tennis officials need to keep freshening up the sport. Pic GettyMore

With two match points to play with, Tomic begun bouncing a ball in preparation to serve when he casually flicked another ball between his legs which had enough power to go over the net and into Kyrgios' service box.

The match ended on a weird note when Tomic's final serve was an underarm tweener that caught Kyrgios completely off guard.

As for his own chances at his home Slam, Kyrgios had limited advice. "Ranking that stuff is temporary, I know I can go out there and trouble Nadal, Federer, Djokovic, I'm not anxious about going out there and losing 3 and 4 to BT".

"I just count money, that's all I do".

"His game wasn't on song yesterday, I've got to be honest".

But the pair faced off in a low-key matchup that served as a useful warm-up for their respective campaigns at the upcoming Australian Open in Melbourne. Tomic, intentionally or not, added some fuel to the fire (even though it may have been mere lighter fluid rather than a can of petrol) when saying yesterday that Kyrgios is "mentally struggling" at the moment.

Tomic failed to qualify for last year's Australian Open, before copping a barrage of criticism when he said was only concerned with making money.

That bad attitude lasted through his aborted three-day run in the South African jungle in an Aussie celebrity survival series a month later.

"He won a title previous year and it looks like he is carrying a bit of momentum". "I'm just doing what I need to do".

"I thought not, Bernie Tomic - until yesterday".

He said: "I've made third or fourth round many times and lost to the great players of the world so my target is to make another quarter or maybe a semi if I can".

"I want to be as healthy and fresh as possible heading into next week". I didn't play a lot of tennis previous year ― which was my own fault.

"Definitely I struggled with a lot of things past year, my body was one and I was going through some tough times", Kyrgios said.

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