US care facility CEO resigns after vegetative patient gives birth

Former CEO Bill Timmons

Former CEO Bill Timmons

"The poor guy was just laying (sic) there. He couldn't communicate, he couldn't defend himself", she told AZFamiy. "No one is going to report this'". The outlet attributed its report to a single unnamed source who reportedly had been told about the incident.

"I was scared", the ex-manager recalled. "And we knew not to mess with that temper because people got fired".

"I wasn't there", Meyers said.

And so a few days after Christmas, her caretakers were flummoxed when she went into labour.

"I think when you've had somebody who's had multiple allegations from different parties, there has to be some way to track that", McFadden said.

Timmons' resignation was accepted unanimously by the Hacienda Board of Directors.

A high-ranking executive in the company said that they would "accept nothing less than a full accounting of this absolutely horrifying situation, an unprecedented case that has devastated everyone involved, from the victim and her family to Hacienda staff at every level of our organization".

Hacienda, he added, "will continue to cooperate with Phoenix Police and the investigating agencies at all levels in every way possible".

The woman was injured in a drowning incident over ten years ago and has been in a vegetative state since.

"A lot of people are mad, my family included", says Gary Londer, a parent of a Hacienda HealthCare patient. In 2013, a male employee was found to have made sexually explicit remarks to patients, though no physical or sexual abuse allegations were made and the employee was sacked.

There is also "increased monitoring of the patient care areas, and increased security measures with respect to visitors at the facility". the health department said. The second staffer said she had seen "many" other staffers do the same thing.

Hacienda almost lost its Medicare funding in December 2013 after Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) found at least one staff member was abusive to multiple patients while several staff members were deficient in reporting patient allegations of abuse by staff.

In addition to working with police, the state is "re-evaluating the state's contract and regulatory authority as it relates to this facility and have been working closely with state agencies to ensure all necessary safety measures are in place", Patrick Ptak, a governor's office spokesman, said in a statement.

"Federal and state laws guarantee certain basic rights to all residents of this facility and they include the right to a dignified existence and to be treated with dignity", a report issued at the time read.

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