Xiaomi rumored to be working on a triple-fold phone

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Xiaomi rumored to be working on a triple-fold phone

Then there's Poco that aims at offering the best value for money phones like the Poco F1, which is the only Snapdragon 845 powered phone available under Rs 20,000. In the video, a device purportedly made by Xiaomi is seen and its screen is shown to be folding from the left and the right side.

For one, isn't the first we've seen of a Xiaomi foldable phone. ET Times reported in July last year that Xiaomi was ordering components for a foldable phone for this year.

The device's text language is Chinese script, but there is nothing in the video that actually confirms it as being a Xiaomi-made phone. If it is, it's just further confirmation that folding designs are becoming trendy within phone manufacturers' designs despite such a concept having barely reached the public enough to analyze audience interest.

Samsung has announced to launch a foldable phone soon.

The video comes from Evan Blass via Twitter who notes that the authenticity of the footage is unverified.

Blass admits to being unsure whether or not this is genuinely a Xiaomi device if the product turns out to be real. The Xiaomi foldable phone on the leaked video looks sleek which has slim bezels.

The video starts out with Google Maps running in Tablet mode and, on the face of it, behaving as fluidly as is to be expected. The alleged foldable phone appears with three screens and can be used as a phone as well as a tablet, which is great.

Shot in darkness, the video appears to show what at first is a tablet, but with that tablet later folding at two hinges, revealing something more akin to a phone.

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