A Jordan Kitted Out PSG Arrive In Manchester In Style

Paul Pogba is in sensational form for Manchester United

Paul Pogba is in sensational form for Manchester United

United have been charged with throwing objects and blocking stairways, PSG with throwing objects, setting off fireworks, acts of damage and crowd disturbance.

Di Maria required some treatment before returning to the field of play and footage picked up his gesture to the crowd upon his return.

United signed Argentine winger Di Maria from Real Madrid in the summer of 2014 but less than a year later he was sold to PSG.

Di Maria, who had a beer bottle thrown in his direction in the second half, drank in the criticism from United fans, many of whom have not forgotten his disastrous spell at the club in the 2014/15 season. "Puta!" to the United faithful, captured clearly by TV cameras.

United's captain for the night was incredibly luck to not get a second yellow card for his actions, which you can see below.

Young and Di Maria were battling it out for a loose ball when suddenly Young took it upon himself to absolutely batter his former teammate off the pitch, with Di Maria subsequently flying into the metal hoardings.

The gesture likely annoyed United fans who are still left disappointed by his below-average tenure at Old Trafford. Let us know in the comment box below.

Di Maria was more reserved after the game, posting to Instagram: "Happy for a attractive victory".

Some argued that Pogba deserved a straight red for the tackle, while others suggested that Ashley Young was lucky to stay on the pitch after colliding with Angel di Maria in the first half.

Paris Saint-Germain's head coach Thomas Tuchel said of the shove: "There was no need to push Di Maria into the fans but I don't think it was on goal". 90 more minutes are missing To continue working for what is coming.

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