Apex Legends players banned in first 10 days

Players are mistakenly paying for Apex Construct, thinking it's Apex Legends

EA And Respawn Already Banned 16000 Cheaters From Apex Legends

And speaking of which a new patch is set to drop this week. Many streamers have already made the switch from Fortnite and PUBG to Apex Legends either because of them being sick of stream snipers (Fortnite) or never-ending game bugs (PUBG).

The huge success of Apex Legends has had an interesting impact on VR title Apex Construct, as the similarity in names has caused visits to its Steam page to increase by over 4000%. The other is provisionally named Wattson and has a Tesla Trap (so that's Watts as in electricity, not hanging around with Sherlock Holmes).

RealApexLegends also discovered that it looks like a Replay feature will come to the game soon. If you're looking for Solo and Duos modes - and, looking at the state of the Sub-Reddit, I'd guess that you probably are - there are trace mention of them in the files, while there's also suggestion that a mode tentatively titled "Survival" could be on the way.

Players are mistakenly paying for Apex Construct, thinking it's Apex Legends

Don't pay for Apex Legends, folks.

If you've been following gaming news at all over the previous year or so, you'll know that the most consistent updates (which lead to some of the biggest conversations in the industry) come from leaks and dataminers, who drill into game files to uncover unannounced modes or cosmetics ahead of their scheduled release. Or they might not happen at all - but at least there's proof that Respawn are thinking about them.

Though we do not know when will Respawn release this loot for Prime members and it is also possible we will get more packs in future so make sure you have everything connected up if you're up for free content of Apex Legends.

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