Apple to pay teen who found FaceTime bug

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It this really an appropriate home screen for the powerful 2018 iPad Pro

The Arizona 14-year-old, Grant Thompson, originally happened upon the bug on January 20.

Apple has released an iPhone update to fix a software flaw that allowed people to eavesdrop on others while using FaceTime.

With this fix finally released, you should immediately update your iOS.

The company noted that a thorough security audit of the FaceTime service also brought to light a previously unidentified vulnerability in its Live Photos service.

The damage may already have been done, however, as the company is already facing lawsuits over the FaceTime bug as well as an upcoming grilling by concerned lawmakers.

Apple is compensating the family that reported the major FaceTime flaw that came to light a couple weeks ago. Apple was quick to disable the Group FaceTime issue within hours after it was widely publicised.

The fix comes in the form of iOS 12.1.4 patch for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch 6th gen while Mac users are able to obtain it via macOS Mojave 10.14.3 Supplemental Update.

While you may think that's due to a lower severity level for issues relating to the Live Photos feature in FaceTime, the iOS Foundation framework, and the I/O Kit framework, Twitter user Ben Hawkes claims two of these lesser-known vulnerabilities were in fact "exploited in the wild as 0day".

The iOS 12.1.4 update is compatible with all the iPhone and iPad models running iOS 12. Also, it is recommended to back up your data, and ensuring your device has over 50 percent of charge or connected to a power source before beginning the update process. You will need Wi-Fi access and your battery to be charged above 50 percent, or the device will need to be connected to a charger.

The recommended way to update your devices is to tap Settings General Software Update and carry out the update from there.

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