Bill Belichick’s Boat Already Has New Paint Job Celebrating ‘VIII Rings’

Julian Edelman tells Tom Brady in Super Bowl LIII'They can't cover

Julian Edelman tells Tom Brady in Super Bowl LIII'They can't cover

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman arrived on set to tape a segment of "The Ellen Show" sporting his big, bushy beard and left mostly clean-shaven.

While the 2018 National Football League season ended with New England Patriots receiver winning a Super Bowl as well as the big game's MVP, he started off the season with a four-game suspension after testing positive for PED's.

He fielded several questions about the season and his facial feature, including how he maintains the beard and if he is every tackled by defenders pulling on it. Edelman said he has not cut his beard this season.

"I love you, beard", he joked before Ellen buzzed his face.

After shaving off both Edelman's beard and mustache, Ellen quipped that she would auction off the hair ball for more donation money.

"Getting the MVP is kind of a win for me and my other team, and that's my family". And my mother, being the loving little lady that she is, I was never late to a practice, she was always there.

"People don't know what happened", the star wideout, who was coming off an ACL tear, told Peter King's "Football Morning in America." Edelman was named the Most Valuable Player.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's fishing boat is already sporting a new paint job - and Super Bowl-appropriate name - after the franchise's recent championship win over the Los Angeles Rams.

Now, passes along word from ESPN that New England will also add Mick Lombardi, son of longtime Belichick friend and former assistant Mike Lombardi, to the coaching staff moving forward.

Edelman said focusing on returning in Week 5 is what kept him from slumping into a dark place.

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