Cent Brutally Trolls Ja Rule Over His Viral 'Awkward' Halftime Performance

Ja Rule In Concert- New York City

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Before long, he's throwing a few shots and generally get into the mindset, all of which occurs in the middle of Ja Rule's performance. Ja Rule and his dancers awkwardly waited during the delay.

Now? Now, Ja Rule can't even get an audience at a basketball match hyped up to hear his music.

On Saturday night, a viral clip showed Ja Rule having some difficulties during the Milwaukee Bucks' 90s Night halftime show.

He recently performed at the Milwaukee Bucks halftime show.

"We ready? Are we ready?!", Ja asked, to very few audible cheers. Ja Rule later responded to the Timberwolves' tweet, where he said the team was "cursed".

"They said this was Nineties night, so they brought out a 2000s artist", he said. "But my album [Venni Vetti Vecci] came out in '99, so I guess that counts". We rap heads remember the real beginnings of Ja.

In response, Ja put a curse on the Bucks' opponent. 'You won't win a championship for the next 30 years.

It prompted the Timberwolves' official account to tweak Ja Rule with a tweet about being "hustled, scammed and bamboozled" - a nod to the rapper's tweet last month over his involvement in the notorious Fyre Festival. AND [Karl Anthony Towns] IS LEAVING! Maybe Ja Rule has been drinking out of the Lil B superpower fountain. Then came the two documentaries which laid out in plain, unambiguous terms what a sh*tshow Fyre Festival was.

The entire awkward exchange was captured on video and posted on social media and it is painful to watch. "Great win my streak continues... lol", he wrote in a followup tweet.

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