'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett furious that some doubt he was attacked

Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett

Authorities released photos of persons of interest, but they also haven't found footage of Smollett's entire walk back home. He didn't release their names.

Detectives used surveillance camera footage to identify the pair, whose names have not been released, as they investigated an attack that Smollett said occurred on January 29, when two men shouted racist and homophobic slurs at him and put a rope around his neck.

Addressing naysayers who doubt he was ever attacked, Smollett went on Good Morning America to talk to Robin Roberts about the an apparent hate crime.

Police are investigating the incident and hunting for the alleged attackers - but Smollett acknowledged they may never be arrested.

The news sparked outrage on social media, but some questioned Smollett's account. Smollett said on GMA.

"I have to acknowledge the lies, and the hate", he continued. So, yeah, I don't have any doubt in my mind that that's them. Despite his best to fight back, things took a turn for the worse as the 36-year-old became overpowered with the two men hitting and kicking him.

"I mean, who says, 'f-- Empire n--,' 'This is MAGA country, n--,' ties a noose around your neck, and pours bleach on you?"

Smollett told ABC News' Roberts that the police said their tech expert would need "three or four hours" to examine the phone.

Earlier in the day, during his first interview since the attack, Smollett said he believes the two people in the video are his attackers. They called me a f****t.

"During the incident, Smollett said the attackers shouted: "'This is MAGA country'".

The Chicago Police Department has confirmed that Smollett, who is gay, was involved in a "racially-charged assault and battery". "I don't need some MAGA hat as the cherry on top of some racist sundae". I'm not going to go out to get a tuna salad sandwich to meet somebody.

Smollett said he didn't want to call police at first, but that his friend and creative director, Frank Gatson, called on his behalf. "I think that's awful", he said.

When Roberts asked him why he waited 30 minutes before he alerted police, Smollett replied, "There's a level of pride there". Number two: I want them to stop being able to say "allegedly".

Police have not commented on the report.

The alleged attackers ran off and Smollett said he looked down and saw that his phone had fallen out of his pocket.

"Chicago Police have not told us that they are rejecting any records, nor have they expressed concerns about the records to us".

Smollett has faced increased scrutiny this week amid reports that he gave redacted phone records to police.

Detectives might be following up with Smollett to request additional data to corroborate the investigative timeline.

In a statement, Smollett's lawyer said the redactions were "intended to protect the privacy of personal contacts or high-profile individuals not relevant to the attack".

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