Facebook Messenger app: You can now delete messages sent with Messenger

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Facebook has seen some highs and lows

Click on it, and you'll delete the message in question.

Remember past year when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg purged some of his messages from various Messenger conversations? You will have to make sure you're running the latest version of the app. On desktop, users will need to click on the three dots next to a message and hit "remove", after which you'll get the same two options. A mere visual change. Users will be given a full ten minutes to decide whether or not to unsend a message, so you'll have plenty of time to rethink those texts.

In addition, a number of recent reports have warned that Facebook and wider social media face stricter legislation if they continue to fail to fully protect users, particularly young people, from disturbing content on their platforms.

Deleting a message is relatively straightforward.

Facebook on Tuesday added a Messenger feature for anyone who has fired off a comment they regretted - a way to take it back. Instead, we're limited by a timer of 10 minutes that starts ticking down the moment the offending message is originally sent.

The feature is handy in the event you mistype something or accidentally send the wrong photo to a friend. In fact, Messenger doesn't end to end encrypt messages by default like WhatsApp, Signal and iMessage do - that's reserved for the annoyingly hidden "secret message" feature.

Personally, we would recommend not using Messenger at all given Facebook's questionable track record with privacy.

Facebook Messenger also continues to provide the option to "Remove for You" at any time, but everybody else in the chat will still be able to see the message - it will just no longer appear in your personal chat log.

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