Fb Is Letting Android Customers Block Location Knowledge Monitoring

How to stop Facebook from tracking your location

Science 21 Feb 2019 Want to stop Facebook from tracking location? Here's the way

Facebook has introduced an update to its location controls for mobile users using Android and iOS platform.

"For people who previously chose to turn their Location History setting "on, ' the new background location setting is 'on, '" Facebook explained".

Facebook has announced a new location setting for its Android app, giving those users more control over when the service can access their device's location data. On the other hand on Android, you can either totally enable location info sharing or disable it. Well, Facebook fixes this with the new location control. Facebook always keeps on tracking your location and all your online activities and stores them in their database. If that feels to you like an invasion of your privacy, you can now do something about it-you can change your settings so that it only tracks your location when the app is actually in use, or never at all.

You'll be directed to the Location Access settings where you'll see Background Location. Apple's iOS gives you three choices over how to share your location with an app. The latest update comes handy while using Facebook features like Nearby Friends.

Launch the Facebook Android app and click on the triple line icon at the right-hand side top part. It should be noted that this update will neither require any new information to be collected nor will it affect the privacy choices made by users before the update.

Sure, it might not make up for Cambridge Analytica or the many other privacy scandals Facebook has been involved in, but, um, it's a start? At this point, you'll turn the background location off.

In another gesture of transparency, Facebook is also updating the Access Your Information tool on user profiles to include the social network's estimate of your primary location down to the city or postal code level. For instance, if you usually log in to your account from a browser in London but suddenly someone tries to log in from a browser in Sydney, our systems recognize this unusual behavior and send you an alert to check that it's really you.

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