Federal judge orders Roger Stone into court over his Instagram post

Roger Stone longtime advisor to President Trump exits a vehicle upon arriving for his arraignment at the DC Federal Court in Washington DC USA 29 January 2019. On 24 January Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted Stone on seven charges five counts


Roger Stone continued his unusual post-arrest media strategy on Monday by posting an Instagram photo of the federal judge who is presiding over his case with crosshairs near her head.

In a filed statement, Stone wrote: "Please inform the Court that the photograph and comment today was improper and should not have been posted".

Apparently realizing that ticking off the judge overseeing your federal criminal case might not be the wisest strategy, Stone then deleted the second post as well. He has denied guilt.

There is text behind the photo, which Stone later revealed to be "Corruption Central".

Law professors immediately argued that Stone's post could be viewed as an illegal threat against a judge, and that he could end up behind bars for it. Law&Crime also noted at the time that it could result in a more restrictive gag order in his case. "That is false. That was not my intention, and I apologize if anyone got that impression".

Stone was indicted by the special counsel on a number of charges, including lying to Congress.

On Friday, Jackson imposed a limited gag order on the case, prohibiting him and other parties from speaking to the media in an around the courthouse in a way that could prejudice potential jury members.

"Through legal trickery Deep State hitman Robert Mueller has guaranteed that my upcoming show trial is before Judge Amy Berman Jackson", Stone wrote on Instagram, describing Jackson as an "Obama appointed Judge who dismissed the Benghazi charges" against Hillary Clinton. Earlier this month, Stone posted a photo of himself on Instagram with what appeared to be a large piece of gold tape over his mouth. He's also charged with witness tampering and obstruction of an official proceeding.

Stone downplayed his indictment, telling CNN's Chris Cuomo it was a "process crime" and said it does not show collusion between Wikileaks or the Russian government.

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